Thursday, November 22, 2007

Snagged a Learner!

With all the family out here for the big feast, I couldn't resist drawing our less-than-computer-literate daughter into my project.

Contrary to the timeline laid out by DCC, in which I wouldn't even think of working on my learning object until I have all the analysis done, I've had an idea brewing in the back of my mind and decided to try it out. I really like the ease with which I can create mini-tutorials using Camtasia and I went ahead and recorded a few slices as possible candidates for the LO. (I've made an executive decision and I'm only going to focus on the part of the Word Module that deals with Center Aligning the title.) Since the Baker of Birdie Cake was willing to be a guinea pig, I asked her to take a look at what I've created and she liked it.

She liked it! She didn't turn up her nose, she didn't say, "What??" She liked it. Now she's a tough audience, and a middle-school teacher to boot, so she fit my Identified Learner model to a T. First assessment done, even though it's WAY out of sequence. Yea!

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