Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thanksgiving of Analysis

It may be a day of festivity and fun, but this project must also get its fair share of time.

The next step in the Dick, Carey and Carey model is to analyze the learners and contexts. Most of my understanding in this area is coming from prior experience and observation, which I hope is valid in this context.

Learner Analysis
For the most part, these are students new to word processing as a tool. They have little experience with computers, and are eager to learn ways in which to simplify their lives. Because the lesson will be available in various formats (in class, via handout, or online) learners have the opportunity to select the method best suited to their own learning styles.

Performance Context
Although this instruction can be carried out in a computer lab, it isn't necessary. The tools available in word processing are available on any computer, so the instruction must reflect this openness.

Learning Context
Since the district standard (for now) is Office 2003, the instruction will be based on this software. True, the principles are valid for any software, but I don't want to confuse my learners so I'm going with the common denominator. There will be step-by-step instructions available in handout form as well as on the (sorely neglected) Tech Wiki and an unformatted document for the learners to modify as part of the instruction.

Which leads me back into the black hole of my Learning Object. I need to focus on one aspect of the whole learning module and use that for the LO. I wonder if the whole DCC analysis needs to cover the entire module, or if I can begin to tame this blasted tiger by doing what the text book does and just have the shadow of the other steps. Here I go again, wishing I had access to the opinions of my classmates. Sigh. I wish at least one of them had responded to my initial invitation to IM or Twitter or whatever.

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