Saturday, November 24, 2007

How the heck do I assess this?

Oh Good Glory! This is a hands-on, intellectual/psycho-motor skill. The only logical way to assess it is by seeing the finished product, isn't it? That's why I need to have the file posted someplace where I can open it in Word, to make certain it hasn't been cobbled together with tabs and spacebar and such. The overall goal per the Curriculum Director is to have people comfortable using the tools in Word. And my particular goal in this is part is to have the document formatted using the tools built in to Word.

I guess I could write an objective test, but to tell the truth that would sort of defeat the purpose I think. Bleah. I've got to find a way to write this up correctly.

Time to clean house, I think! I do some of my best thinking while messing about with simple chores - let's hope it doesn't fail me this time.

Well, the house is much cleaner, and I resisted the temptation to wash the windows while I was in the mood. There's "thinking time" and then there's just flat out "evasion time" and I don't dare start evading this project.

I was lamenting that it would be natural to assess this is by viewing the finished project, and that's exactly the right way to do it. I'm going to create a checklist which can be used by the learner for self-assessment as well as by the instructor for assessment. Since I've broken each item down into steps, the checklist will incorporate the results of the steps. To actually view the document for the assessment, it would be easiest to view the document on the computer, with the Invisibles turned on. Hmm. Does that mean I should drop "Print" from the final step? Perhaps.

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