Monday, November 19, 2007

Instructional Development Journal Fun

Just opened the lesson for the next two weeks in the ISD course, and discovered that we are supposed to create an "Instructional Development Journal" to document our progress as we create a learning object for the course. I wonder if this blog will qualify? :)

If I'm going to use Isidore to do this, I need to be certain to fulfill the requirements, which include: writing on a daily basis (uh oh), reflect on the process of using the DCC model as I create the learning object, and document the steps required for the model. This might work, or then again maybe I need to use my wiki to document what I am doing.

"Learning Objects." Hmm. New term, but it seems to represent an idea I'm familiar with and just didn't have a name for. According to the University of Wisconsin's (Milwaukee Campus ) Center for International Education, one of the definitions includes these characteristics:
  • smaller units of learning (2-15 min)
  • self-contained (can be taken independently)
  • reusable (in multiple contexts for multiple purposes)
  • can be aggregated (can be grouped into larger collections of content)
  • tagged with metadata (for ease in searching)
I need to take a close look at the Internet Study Module I'll be teaching this afternoon and see if anything in there would be appropriate as a foundation for creating a learning object. Sounds like this is going to be fun!

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