Sunday, September 9, 2007

Memories of Instructional Design

What a surprise and shock it was to discover that the text we are using for ISD is a later edition of the same text my husband used 15 years ago when he was taking a course in Instructional Design! Guess it just goes to show that the model is a valid one and likely to be around for a while.

I'm new to all this, and more than a little befuddled by it all right now. Do I plan my instruction? Yes. Have I heard of "ADDIE" before? Nope. And yet the ADDIE model seems to fit so neatly with a writing model I learned in a Technical Writing course several years ago. Dr. Michael Gos taught a very simple model for writing: PRIO. Determine your Purpose, identify your Readers, gather your Information and then Organize your writing. Clear, direct, and an invaluable model for my style of writing.

PRIO fits well with ADDIE - Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. I can almost grok that. Then I look at the Dick and Carey model, and I get nervous. I remember the long hours Husband spent, trying to align his instruction with the model. We labored together on his final project, in the days before rubrics were common, trying to make certain he had addressed each aspect of the model. I don't remember his grade, but I do know he passed the class.

Deep breath. I've recreated the graphic of the DCC model here, and I've printed it out and posted it above my desk. Just keep plugging, and this too shall make sense. (I hope!)

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