Saturday, June 23, 2007

Let's Get Going!

The tension is killing me! Well, of course not literally, but I've done all the registration, looked at the books (not all are listed's a bit early) and I'm ready to start!

Problem is, the semester won't start until 27 Aug. Come on, come on! This is online learning, no? Can't we go ahead and get started on our own time/pace? Duh! University courses have specific timelines. How would I feel if my 7th grade students were bugging me right now for their projects/assignments for the coming semester?

Patience, fool, patience. Soon enough you'll have your hands full and be counting the days to the end of the semester.

So instead, I'll occupy my time with updating blogs, working on Learning Modules for my district, and taking a course on "Blogging Across the Curriculum" through Knowplace. That should give me enough to keep me from dealing with the never-ending housework that awaits me .